This Oklahoma-based corporation has been in business since 1989 and was formerly known
as Chuck Doswell’s Outdoor Images, Inc. It is currently the home of two major divisions:

Chuck Doswell’s Outdoor Images provides licensing for the use of still and video images for editorial and advertising clients and is not currently selling images for retail customers. The primary specialty of this agency is storms, particularly lightning and tornadoes, but a diverse set of images is available, including travel images, skyscapes, landscapes, cityscapes, and even some wildlife. Please see the homepage for this division for more information about our images and how to obtain licenses.

Doswell Scientific Consulting provides a range of consulting services with an emphasis on severe storms, but other applications of meteorological expertise are also available. Dr. Doswell is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, as designated by the American Meteorological Society. Please see the homepage for this division for more details.

Chuck Doswell, the President of C. Doswell Enterprises, Inc. also maintains a personal homepage
containing non-business associated writings and other personal material.




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